Building the the future of gaming using the latest technologies, deeply aligned with the philosophies of WEB3
Our unique backgrounds in building in Web3 since 2016 and running our own gaming studio since 2021 form a robust foundation for achieving our mission.
Meet the team behind Bullieverse
Bullieverse team is a group of  WEB3 natives, creating stunning world-class gaming experience for the WEB3 communities.
Global Team from UK, US and Studio at Bangalore, India.
Tight-knit, fast moving team that is bullish on web3
Rich experience building popular game titles
Srini Anala
CoFounder | CEO
Leadership roles in Engineering at Goldman, UBS, Capital One, and Reuters.
Co-Founded Loanbase, a P2P lending platform, and Cognitochain, an Enterprise blockchain. Blockchain Trailblazers-2020 Winner.
Murali Reddy
Co-Founder | COO
Co-founded Cognitochain.  Serial entrepreneur with a successful exit
Has a decade of experience in leading and nurturing high performance teams at Oracle, IBM Labs and Yodlee
Team Members
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Exceptional talents, unique perspectives and unwavering perseverence are signature characteristics that unite the star team of Bullieverse.
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